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Route: Tripoli – Ghadames via Nalut – Hamadat al Hamrah – Idri – Ubari Lakes (Umm el Maa, Mandara) – Germa – Ghat – 2 days Acacus – Wan Casa – Wadi Mathandoush – Murzuq Dunes - Maknusa - Sebha - Tripoli - Sabratha - Tripoli


This programme combines some of the best highlights with  some really wild desert travel on old caravan tracks. Journey through the most beautiful and untouched part of the Sahara including visit to the oasis Ghadames. There are several days involving driving long distances over tough terrain. Every day  there are plenty of opportunities for a few hours walking from the campsite and during lunch stops. You camp far away from any zivilisation and mostly in prestine countryside. All meals are cooked for you and the evenings will be spent around camp fires under a starry sky. Included in the itinerary are a days trip to Sabratha and one day in Tripoli

  • Price and day-to-day itinerary available upon request.
  • Travel information and a personal equipment list be provided after booking confirmation and downpayment.
  • Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.     Email



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Tour 6 - 15 days Wild Sahara ฎ Expedition

travelling by: airplane

• foot • coach/ minibus • jeep

Best: October - April

minimum 4 persons









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