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Route: Tripoli – Sabratha – Benghazi – Apollonia - Cyrene - Tolmeita - Tocra – Qasr al Libya - Benghazi – Tripoli – Leptis Magna - Gharyan – Jebel Nafusah - Yfren - Qasr al Haj - Jadu – Kabaw –1 day Ghadames – Nalut - Tripoli.


This itinerary combines the best historical sites with a visit to the "pearl of the oasis" Ghadames, the ancient Roman Cydamus.  So many different cultures and so stunning landscapes to see! Libya hosts 5 sites listed as Unesco World Culture Heritage.      4 of them you will visit on this tour.

The journey starts in the capital Tripoli with its oriental atmosphere and wondereful charisma following by excursions    to the ancient Roman sites of Leptis Magna and Sabratha. A domestic flight brings you to Benghazi from where you explore  by coach/minibus the ancient sites Cyrene, Apollonia, Tolmeita, Tocra and Qasr al Libya. Back to Tripoli you head  to Ghadames, on the way visiting ruined sites, old granaries and antique   Berber underground houses. And - a touch of adventure offers a short drive to the sand dunes of the Great Sahara. We use comfortable three to five star hotels and good quality restaurants serving delicious meals

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Tour 1 - 11 days Historic Libya®
Round Trip

travelling by: airplane

• foot • coach/ minibus • jeep

year around

minimum 4 persons



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