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Companies equipment

In the cities and for roundtrips along the coast we use a/c coaches/minibuses. For the expeditions and desert areas we travel with 4x4 jeeps mainly Toyota Landcruisers. They are well maintained and proven on our journeys. In every vehicle we place 3-4 persons plus the driver.

Camping equipment

For free camping in the wild desert we carry with us clean igloo tents (2 pax), matresses and warm blankets, camping table and chairs, full catering equipment including a cook. Large groups are welcome: we provide equipment for more than 150 pax.

Personal equipment

Our guests have to bring their own sleeping bags. After booking confirmation and downpayment we provide a checklist.

                                   Food                                                                                                                            Fresh food, vegetables and fruits are available in most Libyan settlements.

Breakfasts in the desert are generally fresh bread (Libyan bread is excellent) with butter, cheese, jam or honey, tea, coffee, milk.

Lunch is a mix of cold vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, potatoes, carrots, onions, beans, with cheese, tuna or sardines and cold boiled eggs. Fruit juice or lemonades and tea are served.

After an evening coffee or normal tea with nuts and biscuits comes a three-course supper of soup then a meal of potato, rice, cous-cous or pasta with vegetables and meat (goat or often camel meat). Vegetarians would be provided with extra beans and cheese. Lastly some fresh fruit (as long as available) or fruit salad and tea are served.

                                                                                                                                       Tuareg Tea

Green tea cooking in the desert is a ritual which takes place at all possible occasions. It is likely you will have some fresh Tuareg bred  made on one or two evenings using the hot embers of the wood fire.


Most towns in Libya have excellent fresh water as a result of the Great Man Made River Project. In the desert there are also many waterholes. Most of these are covered over and the water is pure and sweet. It is however advisable to drink waterhole water with caution, not all is totally safe. Boiling it, or adding a purifying tablet, should minimize any risks. Bottled water is availabe in most settlements.

On our trips we carry sufficient bottled water for drinking.

Water for washing in the desert is limited. Make use of visits to waterholes to pick up some extra water for washing or for having a basic wash. Every few days when passing a campsite or a settlement it may be possible to take a hot shower. Carrying moist tissues is very useful!



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