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                                                                                                                                     Read what customers say about our work and services rendered:

A+GB/Germany                                                                                                          120 customers from all over the world met in the Sahara to enjoy a fantastic tailor made journey with birthday party amid remote dune area (Rock the Sahara)

LS Italy

Tailor made expeditions through the Ubari Sandsea to unknown areas of Fezzan.

Molto bello! Absolutely wonderful what you did for us, dear friend Yousef. Beyond our dreams what we have experienced. Thank you, thank you, thank you and arrivederci a presto, Ciao!.

GH/BR Scandinavia
Tailor made Cameltrekking in the Acacus
We would like to thank the Waradd team for an absolutely wonderful time in the desert. They took care of the driving and the guiding in an excellent and friendly way. Not to mention the delicious food; the first time we have travelled around with our own chef! Also thanks to the camels that carried us for 5 days, and took us around the Acacus in a pace that allowed our soul to follow. We already miss the starry nights by the fire, the sunrises that took away the morning chill and the stunning landscape. We will surely come back.

Group tour Sahara Intensiv (Adventure)
The organization on the Swiss and Libyan side was very good. Even as a Non-Swiss I got my visum upon entry at Tripoli Airport. The drivers were excellent, repairing if necessary all flat tires and other troubles. I never felt as safe in the desert as here. No problem whatsoever with the political regime. In fact it is impressive what solid infrastructure a “people´s government” can build up in a desert country. The cuisine was just superb: A big salad plate every noon throughout 11 days of desert driving. A good part of the success was due to the fact that the Tuaregs just were a very competent team.

Tailor made tour to Acacus and Ghat
I wish to say a great thank you for the wonderful time I had with your  company.  The area is just beautiful and I was extremely pleased about the  arrangements. The guide Salah was very good and spoke very good English, Lameen's spicy  pasta was a delight but what can I say about Fathi that hasn't been said before!!! I would heartily recommend travelling with Waradd. I hope my colleague from America can sort out his visa problems and maybe get three other person to go with him so he can enjoy the experience  as much as me.

MLJ + LD + JAJ + SH/Norway
Ghat Festival and Fezzan
Thank you so much for the great tour with you in the Libyan Sahara desert, and for showing us the most beautiful places and the best of Libyan hospitality. We had a lot of fun. Especially the year-end Tuareg camel race in Ghat was a fantastic experience. We enjoyed everything so
much that we have already decided to come back for another trip!

Sahara Adventure
The trip couldn't have been better organised and we had a great time.Our guides were perfect and if any of our friends want to go to Libya we will most certainly point them in your direction.

Customized Sahara with Cameltrekking and Tripolitania
Our trip was unforgettable. It was truly a magnificent experience. And the people even more so. We had so much fun with Hash, Maai, Suleiman and Mosar. And Mahadi and Youssef showed great hospitality.

W. + S.H/Switzerland
Cameltrekking in the Acacus
Nearly one week passed since our fantastic holidays came to an end, but still they are intensively present. We thank you all for this wonderful journey, your personal engagement and that we had so much fun and could see and experience so many beautiful sites. We wish you a lot of further big, big success and - no doubt - we will not stop recommending you.

A. + R. N/Germany
Cameltrekking in the Acacus
We arrived well and in time at home. Unfortunately, the daily life is back again. Nevertheless, we thank you again for this wonderful journey. We are of the opinion that it is impossible to superceed this desert experience.

D. + R.B./Switzerland
We are extremely happy having experienced such a wonderful Sahara journey. The country offers unbelievable a lot of Beauty and WARADD together with FSO do know extraordinary well how to perfectly organize everything till the slightest detail and to make the journey so much enjoyable. In the past, we did some Sahara trips in other countries, but from now on it it absolutely clear we will only go to Libya with WARADD and FSO. We will come back, of sure!! Again, many thanks to the whole WARADD Team – it was overwhelming!

After travelling the world Libya sailed straight up to my top travelling experience ever, much thanks to Waradd tours and their staff. All the way from arranging the trip, to the airport pickup to the camp and the nights in Tripoli they provided professional, personal and exellent service. The guide and the drivers seem to know the desert as they know the back of their hands, and it was an honour and a pleasure to take part of that knowledge.Libya should be a must see on every travellers intinirary, and I strongly advice you to see in in the company of Waradd tours."

ML. M. + J.B /Switzerland
Thanks for the beautiful time we enjoyed with the team of Waradd Company from 19 - 30 march. We enjoyed the friendliness of your staff, your perfect organisation, your country and for sure the dunes!
G. + E.T /Hungary
We have learned a lot of things in Libya, thank God: now I think we have got closer to understand what is important and what is not. We met with only friendly people and have seen very beautiful places. I'll recommend to my friends to go there and see with their own eyes. We would like to say thank you for all your efforts in organising our trip - we definitely enjoyed all minute of it

Mr. K. + Ph. K./Australia
(Tailor made Tripolitania Tour)
Firstly, Waradd provided a really professional approach to all our requests and inquiries. The only thing that was of some concern and which was ultimately sorted out well was the provision of travel visas (at entry). We felt blessed indeed by being allocated Mr. A. as our tour guide. There are not enough words to describe the incredible care, puntuality, thoughtfulness and willingness he provided to ensure a truly memorable trip. The vehicle provided was always clean, cool and arrived punctually. The guides at both Leptis and Sabratha were informative and polite. We have left Tripoli with new friends and we will not hesitate to recommend your company to any of our friends and acquaintances – and indeed have left all your details with friends in the travel industry here

R. + Y.H./UK
This is just a short note to say thank you to you and your team for giving us a fantastic tour of Libya. The guide and driver were both excellent and the places that they took us to were all fantastic. The tour was taken at just the right place and at the end we both felt that we had seen everything we wanted to. We particularly enjoyed the drives into the desert to visit the old Grain store and of course the wonderful scenery on the way. It was wonderful to be met from the ship and dropped off there at the end. Again many thanks to you and your team for arranging it for us. As you said you have a fabulous country and now it is possible to visit I am sure many tourist will be coming.

L.D. + W.W/Canada
We would like to thank you again for the best trip in years and the remarkable service we had during our vacation in Libya. It is very uncommon to have a service like that when we visit other countries. It made everything more enjoyable. We have to say we are not yet over our week in the desert; which was our highlight of our trip.

A.O. + Ch.M./Austria
The roundtrip was a magnficent experience, very enjoyable and impressive. We felt well looked after and safe on the whole trip, some impressions were even re-intensed later on and we charged our “batteries” with the power and energie going out of the desert. We thank you for the super organisation. Also the evening in M.s house was very interesting. To say it shortly: Super organization, a magnificent introduction to the country, culture and the life of the inhabitants, …. Perfect! A real experience – and very, very convenient to travel with you, we have no other option than to recommend you!

I want to thank you all again for a fantastic trip – being in the Sahara was one of my life highlights and I will definitely return to Libya when I can. I still cannot believe I am not waking up in my tent in the dunes and - I miss my group!

I still dream from the Sahara and when I woke up this morning, I thought to be in the tent.. I would like to confirm that the tour was wonderful and will be unforgettable until the end of my life.

I just wanted to send a brief email to you to let you know how much I enjoyed the eclipse tour. I have travelled all over the world but I have never found a country to be as friendly and welcoming as Libya. I would really love to visit again and hope to do so in Dec. 2006 or Jan. 2007. When I visit again I would love to meet up again with some of the drivers I met.

Thank you for a wonderful exped to Libya and a fantastic solar eclipse experience. I have not forgotten my promise to send pictures and video to you, M. and the drivers. Your country is a wonderful place and I hope to return.

I. + R.Sch../Switzerland
Two weeks we are now back home from our 16 days Solar Eclipse Tour to Libya. Every day we remember our holidays with pleasure but also with sadness, because its over already! It was really a great time and we enjoyed it very much. We joined C.s group and Ahmed was our driver. Your drivers did a great job, they were cheerful and always cooperative. Every problem with the cars could be settled in short time. Many thanks to all the drivers and the cooks I. And S. So we want to thank you very much for your careful organisation and many thanks to you and your family for the excellent dinner in your house. The whole evening was a special experience, Alf shukr! We love the desert very much ( and the tuareg songs too…) so I think we will come back next year. Ma a salama

unfortunatly now I am in Italy, this is the life. First of all I thank you because all the group was very happy for our trip in Lybia. I gave your name and adress (E-Mail) to some friends that want to come in Lybia.

A big thank you for the careful organisation! A lot of luck to your next tours with so kind and interesting co-travellers.

After a long day, we have landed safely in Brussels on Sunday evening, and are currently still trying to acclimatize here in Belgium. Work has started again and autumn has fully begun here, Temperatures have dropped till 10 degrees and days are shortening rapidly. Yet the memory of Libya still lives on. We truly had an amazing trip with a splendid team in a breathtaking country. Therefore we would like to thank the entire Waradd crew again for our wonderful experience with this customized tour. We truly lost our heart to the beauty and solitude of the wild Sahara and we already look forward to coming back, hopefully next year! We’ll be in touch.

E.M. + G.F./Germany
Two days back from your country it’s our duty to say thank you very, very much for the wonderful 19 days roundtrip in Libya. Everything was very professional and perfect. Your guide in the Benghazi region was best informed, helpful, friendly and a very good organizer. Your guide in Fezzan was also very good and perfect. We emphazize especially Mr. Ali, our driver, always friendly and helpful. By this occasion it is also a pleasure to express our thanks for the generous lunch invitation to your house. Mr. Alkilani, we can recommend your company 100 %!

I would like to express again my sincere gratitude . The cameltrek programme from the beginning until the end was fantastic and PERFECT. All of our group are glowing in the praise about this trip.

L. + M.B./Switzerland
Fully drunken of the Sahara, I am sitting in front of the PC and dreaming of the desert (of cause some beautiful images from the dunes, the Acacus rocks and “our” wonderful crew are used as screen protections…..) It was just wonderful and I would like to thank you that we could experience the Sahara and Libya with their unique and indescribable landscapes and together with so kind and cheerful accompanists from the tribes in the South.

A big thank you again for a genius trip. It was really a super event! I have already published some pictures from the Solar Eclipse and the Sahara in the Internet. And …..….. really, the dunes of Libya DO compete with those of Namibia!

All old bones are back home from the camel trek, but not really arrived ….. It was a wonderful journey into a dream landscape, impossible to be superceeded in its splendity and beauty. The desert was a great experience to all of us. Thank you!

Back to reality…. the adventure tour was mega-cool, SUPER!!


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