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What expedition means?

Expedition means a journey of several days into a remote area without any touristic infrastructure. Such a trip should be an unique experience for all participants. Hence, before booking please read this:

  • What about my physical condition? Am I healthy and flexible for such an adventure tour?

  • Is it a problem to me being several days without shower and hairwashing?

  • Is it a problem to me sleeping in a tent or under the starry sky in a sleeping bag?

  • Camping free in the wild desert means there are no sanitary facilities available but "nature toilets" only. Can I handle that?

  • Am I ready to sit several hours a day in a vehicle together with other travelers and going in and out several times when stucking in the sand? If necessary, am I ready to assist digging out the vehicle?

  • Do I have problems in getting a limited variety of food and no alcohol?

  • Is it a problem not being connected to the civilisation for several days? For emergency cases our drivers/guides carry a satellite phone with them (of course it should not be used to call of the stock exchange courses.....;-)))

    Tour 3

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