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Libya is located in Northern Africa with a common border to Tunisia in the West, Chad and Niger in the South, Egypt and Sudan in the East. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea with a coastal area extending about 2000 kms. With a total dimension of 1'750'000 km2 Libya represents the fourth biggest country of Africa.

Libya is devided in an agricultural region, a huge desert area (90% of the country) and a high mountain zone. Inmidth of the desert there are unique and wonderful oasises.

The agricultural region along the Mediterranean Sea is dominated by typical mediterranean vegetation such as date palm trees, olive trees, lemon and other fruit trees. In many places large sectors with wheat fields characterize the landscape. Meat suppliers are sheep, cows, camels and poultry.

Libyas climate is affected by the Mediterranean Sea on one hand and the desert on the other hand. In the winter, the weather is cool and rainy on the coast and the desert temperature can drop to sub-freezing at night. Summer is generally hot with temperatures on the coast around 30░ C.and in the desert it can even exceed up to 40░ C.

Libya has a total population of around 6,4 million inhabitants, whereby 75 % are living in the coastal region. Tripoli with 1,8 million inhabitants is the biggest city and the Libyan Capital.

A well developed roadnet connects the Libyan cities and the neighbour countries. The majority of the population still works in the agricultural sector. The oil industry and other industrial sectors are becoming more and more significant. Most important resources are oil, gas and ironore.

The official language is Arabic and the religion is Islam.

There are two international airports: Tripoli and Benghazi. Domestic flights are scheduled to Sebha, Misuratha, Tobruk, Hoon, Ghat, Kufra and Ghadames.

Libyas seaports are: Tripoli, Benghazi, Misuratha, Tobruk, Dernah, Raslanuf and Brega.

Tourism in Libya
Libya offers a lot of touristic activities: Beautiful weather througout the year, bright sunshine, endless sand dunes, hidden treasures and deeply impressing and stunning desert landscape. In the historic cities you will find a mixture of various architectural styles from the Roman, Phenician, Greek and Islamic Epoch.

The most important historic cities are Leptis Magna, Sabratha and Cyrene. Beside them there are picturesque oasis, green mountains, warm bathes and islamic monuments with an unique oriental architecture. Good hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and lodges invite you for a pleasant stay.

Visitors admire the traditional handicraft and folklore art.

The touristic infrastructure offers air, sea and land connections.

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